Another Lukoil Executive Has Died Under Mysterious Circumstances

Lukoil, the Russian oil conglomerate, announced the sudden death of 53-year-old Vice President Vitaly Robertus on Wednesday. The company expressed “deep regret” but provided no details surrounding the circumstances of his passing.

This latest tragedy adds to a disturbing pattern of unexplained deaths among top Lukoil executives since the Ukraine invasion began. In October, board chairman Vladimir Nekrasov died of alleged heart failure at 66. His predecessor, Ravil Maganov, had died in September the year before after plunging from a hospital window.

Another high-ranking official, Alexander Subbotin, reportedly suffered a “drug-induced heart attack” in May 2022, with pro-Kremlin media claiming he ingested toad venom during a shamanic ritual.

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Robertus is the fourth Lukoil executive to die unexpectedly since the war started. The company called him a “talented leader” and “versatile person” who spent over 30 years in their ranks. He was also renowned as one of Russia’s top aeromodelling experts.

Not surprisingly, the nature and succession of these tragic incidents have raised suspicions. Lukoil was one of the few Russian firms to speak out against the Ukraine invasion, calling for it to end as soon as possible. Some have speculated these events could be related to internal power struggles.

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