The Deep Dive is focused on providing stock analysis for young investors on the Canadian junior markets.

Our roots are found in that of the Canadian cannabis sector boom that was experienced from 2015 through to 2017. As a result of the burgeoning market, many individuals found themselves looking to invest in the stock markets for the first time. This quickly developed into a large crowd, that was considerably inexperienced in the area of market knowledge.

This large gathering of inexperienced investors enabled many companies involved in the sector to flourish. Unfortunately, it also enabled low quality stocks to entice investors, by claiming large potential gains in a short period of time. The inexperienced were naturally drawn to these potential gains, but instead found significant losses on their investment as these companies and individuals took advantage of them.

The Deep Dive is here to assist these young investors in making sound investment decisions, that are based in proper rational and stock analysis. Knowing how to properly analyze a stock is key to financial success on the markets. We are committed to revealing all aspects of companies that trade on these junior exchanges – both good and bad. We do not provide investment advice, rather we lay all the facts out on the table and allow investors to make more informed decisions.

The Deep Dive aims to be a key resource for quality stock analysis for companies listed on both the TSX Venture, as well as the Canadian Securities Exchange.

Think critically. Remove the hype. Dive Deep.


The Deep Dive does not provide investment recommendations or advice. We merely present the facts that are found based on stock research and analysis. Additional analysis should be done by individuals prior to making any investment, we are here only as one form of a resource.

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