Biden Administration Sanctions Even More Russian-Linked Entities, Including Rosatom

The United States has imposed sanctions on more than 120 targets in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, including entities and companies across various jurisdictions that may have links to Russia.

The US Treasury Department has listed more than 80 individuals and entities on its sanctions list, which includes Russian government officials, oligarchs, and companies associated with Russia’s military-industrial complex. One of the entities targeted is Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear energy corporation, which has allegedly been involved in Russia’s military and defense programs. The sanctions are aimed at limiting Rosatom’s access to the US financial system and freezing its assets in the United States.

In addition to Rosatom, Washington added various other entities to its list, including Chinese-owned satellite image reseller China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co, which was allegedly issuing images of Ukrainian locations to the notorious Wagner group.

The US also enacted sanctions against majority Russian-owned International Investment Bank in Hungary, as well as its current and former executives. “IIB’s presence in Budapest enables Russia to increase its intelligence presence in Europe, opens the door for the Kremlin’s malign influence activities in Central Europe and the Western Balkans, and could serve as a mechanism for corruption and illicit finance, including sanctions violations,” reads a statement from the White House.

The Biden administration emphasized that it will continue to take additional measures to increase the financial and economic costs on Russia and its supporters, including those involved in Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine. “The United States will continue to take action against Russia and those supporting its war in Ukraine,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement, adding that the US aims to maintain the Group of 7’s “commitment to impose severe consequences on third country actors who support Russia’s war in Ukraine.”

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