Caitlyn Jenner’s Alleged Crypto Launch Sparks Accusations of AI and Hacking

Caitlyn Jenner’s name has become embroiled in a contentious cryptocurrency launch as allegations and confusion have swept across social media, leading to questions about the legitimacy of the new digital currency purportedly associated with the reality TV star and former Olympian.

The controversy began when Caitlyn Jenner’s official X account (@Caitlyn_Jenner) posted about the launch of a new cryptocurrency, dubbed “JENNER”. The tweet boasted, “$Jenner no deep fakes. All real crypto. $113.5M volume in just over 4 hours.”

However, skepticism quickly arose. The X account Autism Capital (@AutismCapital), known for its coverage of crypto developments, immediately cast doubt on the authenticity of Jenner’s involvement. “Caitlyn Jenner has appeared to have ‘released a statement’ about her coin but we’re pretty sure this is AI. Look at the face artifacts glitching,” they tweeted.

As more details emerged, Autism Capital continued to speculate whether Jenner’s social media and promotional activities were the work of hackers. “What the hell is happening right now. They’re in a Twitter spaces promoting their shitcoin. Apparently it’s her ‘social team’ that’s doing it. Is this a hack? What is happening!!” the account posted.

Theories of a potential hack were bolstered by reports of the promotional activities, which included bizarre claims from someone purportedly using a voice changer, suggesting that the entire operation might be a sophisticated hoax.

Jenner’s X account replied to the posts saying that the said video wasn’t generated by AI.

The substantial trading volume of the JENNER coin—reported to have surpassed $113.5 million in just a few hours—has heightened calls for regulatory scrutiny. Autism Capital didn’t mince words, urging the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to prioritize these kinds of suspicious activities over other regulatory matters. “THESE hacks (or god help them if they are real) celebrity pump and dumps are the actual things the SEC should be a bully about and investigate and prosecute,” they tweeted.

The incident highlights broader issues within the cryptocurrency market, particularly the involvement of celebrities. The rapid proliferation of “pump and dump” schemes—where a coin’s value is artificially inflated before being sold off by early investors—has plagued the industry. High-profile endorsements, whether genuine or fabricated, can mislead inexperienced investors and cause significant financial harm.

Several celebrities have recently been involved in promoting cryptocurrencies that turned out to be scams or “rug pulls”. In 2021, socialite Kim Kardashian promoted EthereumMax (EMAX) on her Instagram account, leading to a lawsuit alleging that the token was a pump-and-dump scheme that misled investors.

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather endorsed several dubious crypto projects, including Centra Tech, which was later exposed as a fraud. Mayweather was fined by the SEC for failing to disclose payments he received for promoting the coin. Meanwhile, YouTube star and boxer Jake Paul has been linked to multiple crypto projects that ended in rug pulls, where developers abandon the project and run off with investors’ money. One notable example is Yummy Coin, which collapsed shortly after his promotion.

As of now, it remains unclear whether Jenner herself is directly involved or if her social media accounts were compromised. Jenner has not released a personal statement clarifying the situation, leaving the public and her followers in a state of confusion.

Autism Capital succinctly summed up the situation, commenting, “The Caitlyn Jenner hack coin has already done over $100M in trading volume. God help you all.”

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