CRA Dismisses 120 Employees Over CERB Benefit Misuse

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently terminated 120 of its employees following revelations they wrongfully claimed the CERB during the pandemic’s early stages. An internal inquiry had uncovered approximately 600 questionable claims from within the CRA workforce.

The CRA’s statement unveiled that while 120 of these suspects are no longer part of the agency, investigative and disciplinary proceedings are still ongoing. Those found guilty of fraudulently claiming the benefit will need to return the money, while more severe implications loom for those suspected of criminal behavior, as their cases might be handed over to the police.

The CERB program, initiated during the first phase of the 2020 pandemic, provided $500 weekly to individuals who had lost their jobs. However, a report by the Auditor General of Canada in December 2022 highlighted that out of the $210 billion disbursed as benefits, a staggering $4.6 billion went to ineligible recipients. Additionally, a concerning $27.4 billion required further scrutiny. The federal government has a window of 36 months to confirm the legitimacy of these payments, extendable to 72 months if deceit is suspected during the benefit application.

Notably, not all CRA employees were automatically deemed ineligible for CERB. Those on temporary or student contracts might have qualified based on their specific circumstances. The CRA identified approximately 30 such employees who were rightfully eligible.

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