Crypto Influencer Found Dead, Dismembered In Argentina

The dismembered remains of 41-year-old crypto influencer Fernando Pérez Algaba were found by children in Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires, leading to a murder investigation, as reported by The New York Post.

Algaba, known on Instagram for flaunting his lavish lifestyle funded by crypto investments, was reported missing on July 18. Five days later, children playing soccer stumbled upon a red suitcase near a stream, which, upon investigation by the authorities, was found to contain Algaba’s legs and at least one forearm. His head and torso were discovered days after on July 26, as reported by El País

Authorities were able to identify the body parts through Algaba’s tattoos and fingerprints. The clean cuts on the body parts suggest that the murder may have been a professional hit. An autopsy revealed that he had been shot at least three times before being dismembered.

Via New York Post

Algaba, known as “Lechuga” or lettuce among friends, had a remarkable rags-to-riches story. He started working at the age of 14, selling sandwiches with a bicycle and a box. He claimed that his hard work then led him to own a large warehouse filled with high-end cars, motorcycles, and jet skis by the age of 24. He founded a luxury car and jet ski rental firm in Miami before relocating to Barcelona.

More recently, Algaba was reportedly trading cryptocurrency from an office in Buenos Aires with more than 25 employees.

However, behind the facade of success, Algaba faced financial troubles. He had significant debts with Argentina’s tax agency, and his company, “Motors Lettuce SRL,” experienced financial difficulties, bouncing checks within a year of incorporation. He had allegedly lost a substantial amount of money investing in cryptocurrencies, according to La Nacion.

Algaba also allegedly got involved with Argentina’s violent gang, Barra Bravas, with the gang demanding payment for a $40,000 loan from him.

Algaba’s brother, Rodolfo Pérez Algaba, refuted claims that Fernando was a scammer but admitted to his financial struggles, particularly in crypto. Rodolfo also revealed that their father’s inheritance helped Fernando start his business, implying that the influencer’s rise to wealth may not have been as he portrayed.

Before his death, Algaba had been staying in Argentina for over a week in a rented property. The investigation has led to the arrest of one suspect connected to the murder.

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