Did Vladimir Putin Suffer A Cardiac Arrest?

Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly suffered a “cardiac arrest” on Sunday evening, as a statement on the General SVR Telegram channel revealed. This channel, known for its claims regarding Putin’s health, asserted that the Russian leader had to be revived before being taken to a specialized intensive care facility within his official residence.

According to their report, security officers at the president’s residence heard noises and found Putin on the floor next to an overturned table, which caused the noise. Medical assistance was quickly summoned, and Putin was successfully resuscitated. 

The Kremlin this morning denied that reports, with spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying, “Everything is fine with him, this is absolutely another fake.” Moscow is known for having previously vehemently denied any health problems affecting the 71-year-old president.

Meanwhile, the General SVR channel, which provides no material proof but claims it has a source within Putin’s entourage, maintains that this incident seriously alarmed the president’s inner circle. They asserted that consultations were being planned for potential actions if Putin’s health were to deteriorate further.

Footage of a late-night trip to the Kremlin by Putin’s motorcade on Sunday has also emerged. This unusual movement raises questions, as the president typically resides outside Moscow and not within the government building. (Although similar footage can be found from June 2022 when Putin reportedly traveled to the Kremlin after a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.)

The General SVR channel, supposedly run by a former Kremlin lieutenant-general using the alias Viktor Mikhailovich, also claims that recent public appearances made by Putin were carried out by body doubles, and that top Kremlin officials and security personnel are controlling the activities of these alleged doppelgängers. They say these doubles have had years of extensive surgery and training to look, move, and talk like Putin. 

The report from major Japanese TV network TBS, which claims to have used facial recognition, voice analysis, and body movement analysis on the Russian leader’s recent appearances, asserts that the Russian leader has used at least two body doubles in the past year. They also suggest that he has been using them more frequently, and even at speaking engagements.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov, has also made similar claims, asserting that the real Putin has not been seen since June 2022. The Kremlin continues to deny these claims.

There’s nothing new or surprising about stories of highly-trained doppelgängers and illnesses befalling Putin. It’s all been part and parcel of the authoritarian leader’s highly secretive operations and the almost mythical image he has tried to sell since he came into power.

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