DigiCrypts To Launch AI-Based Predictive Crypto Trading Tool

The trading of cryptocurrencies appears to be going high tech. DigiMax Global Solutions (CSE: DIGI) this morning announced that its subsidiary DataNavee Corp has successfully developed what is referred to as an AI-based predictive trading information platform, to be utilized when trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The program evidently has been in development for over a year, with the program currently being in beta mode. The platform is said to have “demonstrated an ability for an investor to realize superior rates of return trading crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

This ability comes through the use of artificial intelligence which sorts a large swath of data. The data comes from numerous sources, and includes the trading history of the currency, world events, macro and micro economic data, and global money flows, all of which is combined together and used to predict large an small changes in price direction. The program is said to have a high correlation to actual price action.

Currently the program is slated to emerge from beta to a wide release by the end of the year, with the company offering a low-fee subscription service to cryptocurrency traders in exchange for the use of the platform. The service is said to also feature a number of add-on predictive analytical features that can be subscribed to by the user for additional fees, which will be made available after the initial launch of the subscription service. The platform will initially be available for trading in both bitcoin and ethereum, with additional cryptocurrencies to be added over time.

It’s expected that DigiCrypts will initially make the platform available for use in North America, before moving to other global jurisdictions.

DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions last traded at $0.04 on the CSE.

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