EarthRenew: The Value Of The Replenish Nutrients Acquisition – The Daily Dive

Today on the Daily Dive, we sit down with Keith Driver, CEO of EarthRenew (CSE: ERTH). Keith joins us this afternoon to discuss the latest with the company, including the now closed transaction with that of Replenish Nutrients and the related synergies to be found with the transaction, as well as the latest developments with its power production operations and what investors can expect from the company going forward.

EarthRenew is focused on making soil healthier. The company through proprietary tech transforms livestock waste into a high quality organic fertilizer that is then distributed across Canada and the US. The firms production plant is also capable of producing up to four megawatts per hour of low-cost electricity that is powered by a natural gas fired turbine, as part of the production process for its organic fertilizer.

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