Elon Musk “Stalker”: Police Investigates Musk’s Security As Suspect, Not Victim

The South Pasadena police department stated that an incident involving two vehicles was reported to them on Tuesday night, but that a member of Twitter chief Elon Musk’s security team is currently a suspect, not a victim, in the inquiry.

In a recent Twitter thread, Musk announced that any account “doxxing real-time location info of anyone will be suspended, as it is a physical safety violation.” The platform chief then relayed the experience where his car carrying his two-year-old son X Æ A-Xii, known as X, was “followed by crazy stalker” who would later block the car and jump on the hood. The Tesla chief wasn’t inside the car when the incident happened.

It’s unclear how Musk linked the stalking attack on his family to the flight-tracking Twitter account @ElonJet, but it didn’t stop him from announcing that legal action would be taken against 20-year old college freshman Jack Sweeney who manages the account.

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The encounter between a member of Musk’s security crew and the alleged stalker occurred at a gas station 26 miles from Los Angeles International Airport and 23 hours after the @ElonJet account last tracked the jet’s whereabouts.

ElonJet monitors the Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO’s private jet: locations of take-off and landing and the duration of each flight. He uses a bot that feeds on the open-source flight data from the ADS-B Exchange. Following the incident, Twitter permanently suspended the account, which had more than 500,000 followers.

But, recent developments cited a 29-year-old man from Connecticut who told South Pasadena police on Tuesday that a driver in another vehicle approached him in a parking lot, accused him of following him on the 110 freeway, and then struck the man with his vehicle as he exited the lot.

The man, who’s identity is still hidden because it’s still “an ongoing investigation,” informed police that he had recently departed the 110 freeway and had stopped in a parking lot to use his phone. While he was parked, another vehicle came in front of him, obstructing his path, and the driver approached him, “accusing him of following him on the freeway,” according to the man.

The Washington Post identified the owner of the automobile in question, as well as the driver in the video, who had hired it through the car-sharing service Turo. The car’s renter, Brandon Collado, confirmed he was the man in the video.

According to its manager, Daniel Santiago, who was working that night, the event occurred at the gas station on Tuesday, Dec. 13, around 15 minutes before the station closed. Santiago stated that he was astonished when Collado’s car pulled into the Arco station and parked close to Santiago’s car, which is not a typical spot for a customer to park.

According to the video of the event, a member of Musk’s security team stopped Collado as he was seated in the car wearing gloves and a hood. “Yeah, pretty sure. Got you,” a member of Musk’s security crew can be heard saying in the footage.

Collado claimed he was making Uber Eats deliveries and visiting a buddy when he stopped into the gas station, and that Musk’s security guard then confronted him for no apparent reason. Two videos Collado supplied with The Post show him getting out of his rental car and standing in front of a Toyota driven by Musk’s security guard.

On Saturday, Collado tweeted at Musk, “I am the guy in this video … You have connections to me and have stalked me and my family for over a year.”

Collado, however, admitted to The Post of having an interest in Musk and the mother of two of Musk’s children, Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher. Boucher resides in a house close to the petrol station.

He further claimed that Boucher was sending him coded messages through her Instagram postings, that Musk was tracking his real-time position, and that Musk could control Uber Eats to prevent him from receiving delivery orders.

The stalking incident jumpstarted a series of private information policy update on Twitter, including sharing live location and banning flight-tracking accounts. The platform has also momentarily barred journalists from The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, and other news outlets from covering the @ElonJet suspensions.

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Musk shared videos of himself attending the World Cup championship game in Qatar on Sunday. When several in the audience shared images of Musk, Twitter users pointed out that the details may be categorized as real-time location information, such as the kind Musk had called “assassination coordinates,” and were thus no longer permitted.

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