Elon Musk’s Neuralink Accused Of Killing 15 Of 23 Test Monkeys With Tech Research

It appears that Elon Musk’s Neuralink is more than a little away from prime time. Its being reported that study’s conducted by the firm have seen high death rates amongst the monkeys being utilized for prototype testing.

On Thursday, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an animal rights activist group, published a news release wherein they revealed that they have filed a lawsuit as well as a federal complaint against the University of California, Davis. Both the lawsuit and complaint related to what it refers to as “invasive and deadly brain experiments conducted on 23 monkeys,” which were conducted on the behalf of Neuralink

The complaint itself was filed with the US Department of Agriculture, which is based on “almost 600 pages of disturbing documents.” Many of the animals utilized in the studies reportedly had portions of the skull removed, which was conducted to facilitate the implantation of electrodes as the research team looked to develop a “brain-machine interface.”

In greater detail, the researchers are said to have used a substance referred to as Bioglue that destroyed portions of the brain of the monkeys, while seizures were noted after the implants, as well as recurring infections. The animals are also reported to have suffered from facial trauma, with steel posts screwed into the skulls.

Researchers have reportedly conducted the studies on a total of 23 monkeys as they work to develop the technology, of which 15 are said to have died following the procedures. Those that remained are said to have “suffered from pretty debilitating health effects,” as per a director for the Physicians Committee.

In terms of the current state of the technology of Neuralink, which refers to itself as “breakthrough technology for the brain,” it seems we’re a -long- way off from ever seeing human trials conducted, based on the reporting by the Committee. Other problems reported from the studies include brain hemorrhaging, bloody skin infections, and self-mutilation.

Furthermore, the relationship between Neuralink and UC Davis is said to have been severed in 2020, with mixed reporting on who, specifically, ended the relationship.

The animal rights group has said it also intends to sue UC Davis as a means of obtaining photos and video of the monkeys. The University meanwhile maintains that that property is owned by Neuralink, and thus they are unable to provide it.

In terms of social pushback, Musk appears to be facing some imaging problems following a week of several negative reports on his companies, with Neuralink being just the latest debacle.

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