First Phosphate: New Report Suggests Flagship Property Holds ESG-Compliant Source Of Phosphate For LFP Battery Industry

First Phosphate Corp (CSE: PHOS) has received a research report from Queen’s University that suggests its flagship asset, the Lac a l’Orignal property, holds a deposit which holds a high probability of being ESG-compliant.

The report, entitled, “Characterization of First Phosphate’s Lac à l’Orignal Phosphate Deposit, Lac-Saint-Jean Anorthosite (LSJA) Complex, Quebec, Canada: Implications for Supplying Lithium Ferro (Iron) Phosphate (LFP) Batteries,” comes from the Pufahl Research Group, with the report conducted by Dr. Sandeep Banerjee, a Postdoctoral Researcher at Queen’s University. The report itself indicates that the Lac a l’Orignal deposit has a high probability of being an ESG-compliant source of North American phosphorous for the LFP battery industry.

The 56 page report, which was released March 13, comes to several conclusions after studying the deposit. Primarily, the report concludes that the deposit is “a potentially viable source of [phosphorous] for the LFP battery market. P2O5 and CaO concentrations and CaO/P2O5 ratios are better than required for phosphoric acid production.”

Additionally, a low level of sulfide gangue minerals suggests there is minimal environmental risk of acid mine drainage. This low level of sulfide minerals, along with a low concentration of deleterious trace elements “make the Lac à l’Orignal deposit an attractive ESG-compliant
source of North American P for the LFP battery industry.” The report then goes on to conclude further research should focus on “the detailed characterization of other First Phosphate properties.”

The release of the report follows First Phosphate partnering with Queen’s University back in September 2022 for advanced mineralogy and process development. The partnership at the time was referred to as a means of providing fresh data on the potential of the Lac a l’Orignal deposit as a source of clean phosphate for the LFP battery industry.

“This partnership has provided First Phosphate with a competitive edge by laying the foundation for developing proprietary and advanced methods of phosphate production for the LFP battery industry. Ultimately, we want to leverage our high-purity phosphate Mineral Resource to help Quebec and Canada become a leader in the electric vehicle industry, and advance on our national climate change goals,” commented company President Peter Kent on the results of the report.

The report was the fourth such paper released by Queen’s University related to development currently underway by First Phosphate.

First Phosphate last traded at $0.83 on the CSE.

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