Florida Supreme Court Clears Recreational Marijuana Initiative for November Ballot

The Florida Supreme Court has given the green light for an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana to appear on the state’s ballot in November. 

The proposed amendment, opposed by many Republicans, including the state attorney general’s office, would allow individuals aged 21 and above to possess, purchase, or consume marijuana products for personal non-medical use.

The ruling, rendered in an advisory opinion by Justice Jamie R. Grosshans, states that the amendment meets the requirements for constitutionality and clarity. Grosshans, appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis, clarified that the court’s role is limited to assessing whether the amendment conforms to the single-subject requirement, whether the ballot summary meets the clarity standard, and whether the amendment is “facially invalid” under the federal constitution.

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If approved by 60% of voters, the amendment would permit state-licensed entities, including medical marijuana treatment centers, to acquire, cultivate, process, manufacture, sell, and distribute marijuana products and accessories for a recreational market. 

The decision comes as cannabis is legal in some form, either for recreational or medical use, in about 40 states across the country.

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