House of Commons Erupts in Laughter at Prospect of Jagmeet Singh Becoming PM

Jagmeet Singh was left with a bruised ego after the House of Commons erupted in laughter at the idea of the NDP leader becoming prime minister one day.

The last question period before the new year finished off on a rather humorous note, at the expense of Singh’s ego. In his response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement on the healthcare funding spat between federal and provincial governments, Singh began with, “when I’m Prime Minister, I will keep my promises—” before getting cut off with an eruption of laughter from MPs. House Speaker Anthony Rota allowed the heckling to go on for about 20 seconds before calling for order. “I know everybody is excited and Christmas is coming … my advent calendar says two days but I think something went wrong there,” he said, with a smirking expression.

Singh, who looked visibly taken aback by the lack of confidence among MPs at the prospect of hypothetically becoming Canada’s leader, restarted his statement before the laughter cut him off once again. After Rota came to Singh’s rescue, the NDP was finally able to finish his statement. “I know there are some people in this Chamber that like the number 3, so when I’m prime minister I will keep my promise,” he finally exclaimed, after which he was able to continue challenging Trudeau on his previous assertions and campaign promises on addressing Canada’s healthcare crisis.

The rather amusing exchange was part of a wider-ranging debate regarding the state of Canada’s healthcare, as paediatric hospitals across the country reach capacity with young patients suffering from respiratory illnesses. For more context, the full question period can be viewed here:

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