Ionic Brands to Launch Lucid Green Technology Platform

This morning, Ionic Brands (CSE: IONC) announced that it would be the first to launch Lucid Green’s technology platform on its Ionic branded products. The technology is designed to enhance consumer trust and transparency within the cannabis industry, and will serve to enhance Ionic’s Certified Clean program.

The technology itself is relatively simple – it consists of a QR code placed on all product packaging, which the end user is able to scan with a smart device. Upon scanning, product specific information is shown to the user – including dosage guidelines, expected effects, product specific test results, and more. Those who utilize the program will also be able to collect Ionic loyalty rewards.

A demonstration of Lucid Green’s QR based tech

Expected to hit store shelves early next month on products destined for California markets, the Lucid Green tech will soon be expanded to the other states in which Ionic operates including Washington, Nevada, and Oregon.

These packaging changes come following an announcement last Friday that Ionic’s flagship brand has received a revamp on its product packaging to align with its luxury brand portfolio. The redesigned packaging, as seen above, is intended to assist in removing the negative stigma associated with cannabis use by utilizing high-end sophisticated packaging.

“Over the last few years, dispensary design has become more and more chic, and the customer experience has become more sophisticated. Our new packaging is reflective of this evolution, and I believe this strategy puts us at the forefront of the luxury cannabis product market.”

Christian Struzan, Chief Marketing Officer for Ionic Brands

New product packing is expected to hit Washington and Californian stores in the near term, with the remaining states to receive the revised packaging shortly thereafter. This revised packaging will be combined with the Lucid Green technology to better appeal to customers and to better align with Ionic’s Certified Clean program.

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