Is ‘Live’ VR Sports the Next Big Thing In Entertainment?

X users are sharing this mysterious new VR-like viewing system that could likely revolutionize not just sports entertainment but at-home entertainment in general. 

The display system allows users to watch a game “from different angles” in virtual reality, promising a potential new use case for VR devices like Apple’s VisionPro and the Meta Quest 2. Not much is known about the system yet, aside from that it’s called, but social media posts say that it’s set to roll out next year.

The scant information from its website describes it as a “data agnostic transport and display system that can read data from any source, compress and distribute to any device.” The system’s creator, independent VR studio Rezzil, which specializes in VR and augmented reality (AR) sports training, is set to make the system initially available for sports events.

“Presenters can jump directly into the athlete’s vision, maneuver a virtual drone around action, or take up an infinite number of camera perspectives,” they wrote. They also claim that the system, developed by their experienced metaverse team, will present action rendered in near real-time, and will be controllable through several different interfaces.

“You can imagine how watching anything from your couch will be super immersive, and being able to move the table around to watch previews from multiple angles,” wrote X user Linus, an AI designer. “Spectating sports, video games, and whatnot will be completely different than what we are used to.”

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