Is the DEA’s Cannabis Rescheduling Happening with the Delta-8 Final Action?

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is expected to propose new rules clarifying that manufactured cannabinoids like delta-8 THC are prohibited controlled substances. According to the agency’s regulatory agenda, a Final Action on this matter is listed for April 2024. And this move is being seen as a companion to potentially rescheduling cannabis itself. 

There’s speculation, such as from Reddit user GeoLogic23, shared on X by user Do The Right Thing, that the agency aims to address both the legal status of synthetic cannabinoids and the potential rescheduling of the entire cannabis plant before the DEA’s Supply Chain Conference on April 30. 

GeoLogic23 says that it’s likely the agency will intentionally time the release to allow stakeholders at the conference to ask questions and seek clarification on the new rules.

“I also think they can’t do Schedule 3 before they outlaw Delta 8. If they think Delta 8 is dangerous, then they’re not going to re-schedule cannabis first,” the Reddit user wrote. 

“Most people don’t know the difference between all the THCs and stuff. Think of the confusion if they hype up Schedule 3 and then shortly after come out outlawing a THC product. It makes most sense to me to do them simultaneously. They re-scheduling cannabis, while clearly explaining Delta 8 is not re-scheduled.”

The potential rescheduling of cannabis has been a topic of intense debate, with proponents arguing for a more lenient classification that better reflects current scientific understanding and societal attitudes toward the plant. 

It’s also been long-delayed, with no updates since the DEA responded to Representative Earl Blumenauer’s letter in December. In March, a source told Green Market Report’s John Schroyer that a decision “is not coming before April,” adding that they “still feel very good that it’s going to get there.”

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