Liberal Ministers Think Tucker Carlson Should Not Have Been Let Into Canada, Accuse Alberta Premier of Inciting Violence Against Politicians

Members of the Liberal Party are criticizing Alberta Premier Danielle Smith for her appearance alongside Tucker Carlson, a controversial American right-wing commentator, accusing her of potentially inciting political violence against Canadian politicians.

During her 17-minute discussion with Carlson at a sold-out event in Alberta, Smith discussed the province’s natural resources sector and its green energy policy. She took the opportunity to critique federal environmental policies and drew attention to recent grid alerts prompted by a cold snap, urging Albertans to reduce power consumption.

Smith also encouraged Carlson to oppose Ottawa’s environmental policies and specifically singled out federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, stating, “I wish you would put Steven Guilbeault in your crosshairs.”

Liberal MPs Pablo Rodriguez, Steven Guilbeault, and Randy Boissonnault condemned Smith’s remarks. Boissonnault expressed his disapproval, saying, “For Danielle Smith to bring the mouthpiece of the MAGA conservative far right to Edmonton center, to spew hate about LGBTQ people is beyond the pale, it’s deplorable, and we won’t stand for it.”

Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez echoed the criticism, accusing Smith of attacking Canadian society as a whole and calling on Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre to denounce her words. Rodriguez emphasized the need to speak out when statements that target specific groups or society in general are made.

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault, who was mentioned by Smith during her exchange with Carlson, expressed concern about being personally targeted at the event. He argued that such actions increase political violence against all individuals running for office in Canada, from the municipal to federal level.

“We can have differences of opinion, we can have strong disagreement, but to incite violence against people who disagree with you. That’s not how things should be done in Canada,” Guilbeault stated.

The Liberal Party is calling for a condemnation of Smith’s remarks and an end to what they see as a dangerous political climate.

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