Merger & Acquisition Arbitrage Opportunities

The Canadian cannabis sector has been running hot with mergers and acquisitions of late. There have been several blockbuster deals among major players in the market, such as the acquisition of Cannimed by Aurora Cannabis earlier this year. However, there have also been smaller transactions that have taken place between public companies listed on junior exchanges, such as the proposed deal between Terra Tech and Golden Leaf Holdings. Each situation offers up opportunities for investors and traders alike to capitalize on arbitrage that may exist.

Below, we have compiled a simple spreadsheet to assist investors in identifying arbitrage opportunities as a result of this M&A activity. Within, we identify the price differential, also known as the delta, on the exchange rate being offered from the purchaser and the current price of the equity. This data is currently being pulled from Google Finance, and may be subject to a time delay of up to twenty or more minutes. However, the figures remain relatively “live” and are self updating.

Cannabis M&A Arbitrage Opportunities

Please be aware that we hold no guarantees for accuracy on the data listed. We do our best to ensure all information is correct, however errors may occur from time to time.

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