Mind Cure Health Begins Manufacturing Synthetic Ibogaine

Mind Cure Health (CSE: MCUR) this morning announced that it has begun the first stage of the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade ibogaine. The compound is to be used by the company for both preclinical and clinical research.

The compound is being focused on by the company as a result of it being a naturally occurring psychoactive compound. It reportedly offers therapeutic potential for substance use disorders, and contains anti-addiction properties, while demonstrating unique and broad actions in the brain that impact multiple receptors and neurotransmitter systems.

The manufacture of a synthetic variant is a function of the limited natural sources of the compound due to global demand. By manufacturing the compound, it will enable Mindcure’s research team to have a predictable and standardized supply of the compound, ensuring consistent dosing and results.

“Ibogaine is among a few psychoactive alkaloids found in the iboga plant. Ibogaine offers incredible therapeutic potential, especially in the context of neuroregeneration. Manufacturing ibogaine gives us the ability to pursue promising research avenues and obtain high-quality results, without threatening the existence of the plant and limiting the natural supply of an amazing psychedelic.”

Dr. Ryan Hartwell, Chief Science Officer

The manufactured compound is currently slated to be ready for use in research by the fourth quarter of 2021.

Mind Cure Health last traded at $0.51 on the CSE.

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