Minnesota Senator Worries Legalizing Weed Will Put Police Dogs Out of Work

As Minnesota gets closer to legalizing adult-use cannabis, those against it are listing down reasons why they shouldn’t. State Senator John Jasinski spoke about one such reason.

He said legalizing marijuana would put “drug dogs” out of work.

Okay wait, let’s hear him out.

He thinks it’s a “big issue” because these drug-sniffing dogs were trained by agencies using “thousands and thousands of dollars” and now they’re just going to have to be retired. So it’s money wasted, he’s not really worried about the dogs losing their jobs.

Minnesota’s marijuana legalization bill was approved by an eighth house committee and a sixth senate panel Monday, bringing it closer to the floor.

“It’s time. Minnesotans are ready,” said bill author Democratic Rep. Zack Stephenson in his opening remarks on Monday. “Our current laws related to cannabis are doing more harm than good. There is a more sensible approach to this issue that relies not on the criminal justice system to solve problems related to cannabis, and other tools within our disposal.”

Democratic-Farmer-Labor party officials, with majorities in the House and Senate, are optimistic that the legalization will be enacted soon after its rounds in the committees.

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