Montreal Has The Dirtiest Air In Canada: Analysis

According to a new air quality analysis, Montreal has the poorest air quality in Canada, with its citizens absorbing particles equivalent to smoking 124 cigarettes each year.

HouseFresh, an air quality improvement company, examined data on typical PM2.5 concentrations in cities throughout the world to calculate the number of cigarettes proportional to the air pollution.

Windsor and Hamilton, both in Ontario, came in second and third place behind Montreal on the list of Canadian cities with the poorest air quality, with residents inhaling the equivalent of 123 and 116 cigarettes per year, respectively.

Although Canada has some of the highest air quality in the world, wildfires and industrial emissions from wood burning and energy production can lead to poor air quality, particularly in Western Canada and northern Ontario, according to the report.

In contrast, Dhaka, Bangladesh has the world’s worst air of any capital city. Due to poor air quality, Dhaka residents indirectly smoke the equivalent of 1,176 cigarettes every year.

According to the study, Bern, Switzerland has the cleanest air of any capital city in the world, with people indirectly inhaling the equivalent of only 11 cigarettes per year.

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