MustGrow Announces 100% Control Of Root Rot Disease With Patented Biopesticide

MustGrow Biologics (CSE: MGRO) has seen further success with its mustard-derived biopesticide, this morning announcing that third party independent testing has determined the biopesticide achieves 100% control over the water mould pathogen responsible for root-rot diseases. Results within the study took place within the laboratory, and will now advance to large scale testing.

The study determined that 100% control of Aphanomyces euteiches zoospores was achieved within the lab at economic application rates. The pathogen is responsible for root-rot disease, which affects peas, lentils and other legumes that are commonly referred to as pulse crops. The disease is known to damage roots and cause wilting, with farmers experiencing yield losses ranging from 10% to 100% as a result.

Following the successful lab tests, the company will now move to large scale greenhouse and field tests to further determine the effectiveness of the biopesticide against the pathogen. Notably, the results as well as the applicability of the biopesticide are already patent protected, under existing patents that have been issued to the company.

“It is great to see MustGrow’s mustard plant-based biopesticide continue to perform, particularly with 100% disease control measured at exceptionally low application rates. The level of control of hard-to-kill diseases we continue to achieve combined with the beneficial properties of our product for soil health provide a great opportunity for improved yields for farmers and a more robust food supply.”

Colin Bletsky, COO of MustGrow.

Canada is currently pegged as one of the largest producers of pulse crops, with 9.2 million tons of such crops produced in 2019. It is currently estimated that Canadian farms suffer $20 million in pulse crop losses as a result of root-rot, while globally that figures grows to $100 million. No current treatment measures exist that effectively control the pathogen, with current products on the market only slowing down the spread and severity of the disease, rather than eliminating it.

MustGrow Biologics last traded at $2.07 on the CSE.

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