Ontario Man Swallows Bee on TV

Ontario’s always colorful Premier Doug Ford made headlines this afternoon. Why you ask? Because…

Holy Christ! This afternoon Doug Ford swallowed a bee on CPAC.


Ford was in Dundalk, Ontario to announce an investment of $500,000 in the Ontario-based company Greenlid, which produces compostable and sustainable products. And unknown to the bee, they would soon meet their demise in the back of the Premier’s throat.

Twitter is, of course, buzzing with Bee jokes.

If only Doug was wearing a mask, he’d win over some liberals. And have fewer bees in his mouth.

I wish I was in this room:

The Deep Dive has attempted to contact the Queen Bee for comment at the time of publishing but has not received a response. Sources tell us she is in Sting-a-pore.

Information for this article was found via Twitter, CP24, The Toronto Star, and CPAC.

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