Plymouth Rock Technologies: Highlights of the Investment Thesis

Plymouth Rock Technologies (CSE: PRT), a threat-detection solutions firm, is in the process of establishing itself as a cost effective solution for the detection of threats in both structured and unstructured crowds. With the target market being that of jails, schools, stadiums, and other places of gathering, Plymouth Rock is heavily focused on providing security solutions that are effective yet affordable.

To better articulate the investment thesis, The Deep Dive has created a video to demonstrate Plymouth Rock’s products as well as the technology behind it.

Plymouth Rock Technologies – Weapon Detection – Investment Thesis

Emphasized within our complete company overview, the investment thesis for Plymouth Rock Technologies, as shown above, focuses on five key points:

  1. Detecting threats is a large and growing space with great demand.
  2. The emergence of 5G infrastructure will open the door to new threat detection technologies that will become commonplace wherever desired.
  3. Plymouth Rock Technologies has assembled a team with decades of combined experience in technologies relevant to 5G networks and threat detection.
  4. The technology can be a great add-on for the various other systems (referred to as a “system of systems”).
  5. If commercialized at an economic price point, this technology could be a mainstay wherever unstructured crowds have any risk or threat (schools, theatres, concerts, etc).

Recent events that have occurred around the world have demonstrated the need for additional security measures. These measures, while in many forms, collectively can be used to reduce and eliminate threats before they become events.

However often the required security solutions are out of reach for many smaller facilities – whether its a municipal building, an event venue, or a local school. Resources can be difficult to acquire for these facilities, yet risk detection is still paramount to client safety. To assist these smaller players, Plymouth Rock Technologies has placed its focus on affordability for these institutions, while detecting various forms of threats through a suite of products.

The primary method of detection is through the use of millimeter wave technology. This tech is able to penetrate through materials to acquire an object signature, which is then scanned for any potential threats. Plymouth Rock is in the process of developing three products that are able to use this technology to identify potential threats in both structured and unstructured crowds, so as to provide solutions for most situations.

For the full investment thesis for Plymouth Rock Technologies, check out our full company overview which can be found here.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Plymouth Rock Technologies is a client of Canacom Group, the parent company of The Deep Dive. The author has been paid for this work and may or may not own shares of the company. Not a recommendation to buy or sell. Always do additional research and consult a professional before purchasing a security.