Putin Declares Sale of Alaska to the US Illegal, Wants To Reclaim Land

In a surprising move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree declaring the sale of Alaska to the United States illegal, sparking concerns about potential tensions between the two nations. The decree designates the federal state unitary enterprise “Enterprise for Property Management Abroad” as the recipient of a subsidy for the financial support of costs associated with the search for real estate of the Russian Federation and the legal protection of such property.

Quoting the Russian leader’s official statement translated to English, “…the proper registration of the rights of the Russian Federation in relation to the existing federal real estate and the found real estate of the Russian Federation, the former Russian Empire, the former USSR and the legal protection of this property.”

The historical context of Alaska’s acquisition by the United States in 1867 for $7.2 million is crucial in understanding the significance of this recent development. What was once considered a mutually beneficial deal has now become the focal point of a potential diplomatic dispute between Russia and the US. Alaska, now an integral part of the United States for over 150 years, stands as a detached piece of the nation.

Putin’s decision to declare the sale illegal has raised eyebrows globally. The move is seen as political posturing, with Putin attempting to reshape historical narratives and project influence not only over future events but also over the past. This tactic aligns with Putin’s previous strategies, notably observed in conflicts with neighboring countries like Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

While the idea of Russia assaulting the United States seems far-fetched, the symbolic act of declaring the sale illegal signals the beginning of a potential demand for Alaska’s return. The chairman of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, emphasized this sentiment during a plenary sitting in the summer of 2022, stating, “Before Americans seize our properties abroad, they should remember, we also have something to reclaim.”

This propaganda tactic, reminiscent of Russia’s approach to Crimea, serves as a reflection of the Kremlin’s evolving stance in international politics. The fact that the US legally purchased Alaska in 1867 for $7.2 million, a reality undisputed for years, seems to hold little weight in today’s political climate in Russia.

Alaska’s strategic significance in the relationship between Russia and the United States cannot be ignored. The presence of USAF bases and USARAK (American Arctic military forces) in the region, particularly in Fort Greely and Eielson, adds complexity to the situation. These centers are equipped with advanced machinery capable of launching swift attacks on Russia, including nuclear warheads.

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