Republican Megadonor and Former Trump Supporter Peter Thiel Was An FBI Informant, Insider Reports

Silicon Valley billionaire, Republican megadonor, and former Trump supporter Peter Thiel has been revealed as a confidential human source (CHS) for the FBI, according to an exclusive report by Insider

Thiel’s role as an informant became active in the summer of 2021 when he began providing information to FBI agent Johnathan Buma, specializing in political corruption and foreign-influence campaigns. Charles Johnson, a long-time associate of Thiel’s, assisted in recruiting him as an informant by introducing him to Buma.

While Thiel’s assistance to the FBI focused on foreign contacts and attempts by foreign governments to infiltrate Silicon Valley, he was directed not to report on his interactions with Donald Trump or other US political figures.

Confidential human sources play a crucial role in the FBI’s investigative efforts, entering into a formal relationship with the bureau and providing valuable information on a recurring basis. Thiel’s information was reviewed and validated by the FBI.

Thiel, a supporter of far-right movements and figures, had distanced himself from Trump and the MAGA movement, which criticized federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. His involvement as an informant may have been part of this distancing process.

If true his involvement with the FBI raises questions about potential conflicts of interest. Thiel has multiple business interests reliant on the federal government, including a stake in Palantir, a data company providing services to various government agencies, and backing Boldend, a spyware company.

While the motivations behind Thiel’s cooperation with the FBI remain unclear, Charles Johnson, who revealed Thiel’s role as an informant, suggested it was a hedge in an environment where “extravagant wealth no longer affords the safety it used to.”

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