Republicans Forecast to Regain US House While Senate Control Remains Deadlocked

The Republicans are expected to win control of the House of Representatives by a landslide while the Senate still remains up for grabs, in a tight race that will likely take more time than normal to finalize, particularly due to competitive votes across several swing states.

The consensus among news organizations tracking the nail-biting midterm election results suggest Republicans picked up substantially more House seats to retake control of the chamber, but weren’t able to replicate the landslide results for the Senate race. In fact, not only is the GOP gaining the House by a much smaller margin than they hoped for, they likely won’t get the red wave they envisioned for the Senate either as both parties are neck-and-neck with 48 seats each, after Democrat John Fetterman flipped the crucial Pennsylvania seat.

Source: CNN

But, even with such a tight race whereby both parties end up with 50 votes, the Senate still gets handed to the Democrats given Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote. With final results still tricking in, Republicans were hoping to win big on major economic issues including out-of-control inflation and surging fuel prices. Indeed, almost half of Americans predominantly concerned with a looming recession against the highest cost of living in over 40 years gravitated towards Republicans, while voters concerned with social and health issues such as abortion selected Democratic candidates.

From: Bloomberg

Attention was also focused on former president Donald Trump, whose heavily-anticipated red wave comeback in face of claims the 2020 election was stolen from him failed to materialize. A number of his backed candidates performed very poorly in the polls, particularly those that refrained from commenting on whether they would have certified President Joe Biden’s election win. Indeed, Republican voters focused on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who won his seat in a landslide and will likely become Trump’s main rival should the former president seek re-election.

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