Rudy Giuliani Goes on a Podcast to Raise Funds for Legal Fees But Forgets Where People Can Send It

Rudy Giuliani, who’s looking a lot grayer sans black sweat dripping from his head, went on The Charlie Kirk Show to talk about his booking experience and of course to raise funds for his mounting legal fees — except he forgot, or just didn’t know, the website address.

“How can people help you with your legal fees?” the right-wing podcaster asked. To which Giuliani said, “I’ll get for you the exact place,” but didn’t.

The former New York City Mayor, former lawyer, and current co-defendant of former President Donald Trump has been struggling with hundreds of thousands in legal bills that he’s racked up for defending Trump — well, mostly

Most recently, Giuliani was charged with 13 counts in Georgia, related to their attempt to overturn the results of the election in the state. He was booked on Wednesday, and released on a $150,000 bond.

Giuliani has been out of work and his law license was suspended in July 2021 — and Trump has reportedly yet to pay up. Even so, Giuliani voiced concern for the former president when he told Kirk about his experience getting booked at the Atlanta jail where Trump was also booked the day after.

“You go into the prison, you walk through the prison, you walk past some of the prison cells, holding cells, and then you get into the room,” he recounted. “And the prisoners are actually in the room in which you are, which the mug shots [are] taken.”

He then shared that the experience would’ve been intimidating if the “prisoners” hadn’t been welcoming.

“They were yelling out rather familiar campaign slogans that go back to my campaigns for mayor,” he said. “And they seemed pretty much supportive. ‘Go get them, Rudy.’ We had ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ being yelled out. It was like a rally.”

“So it took away some of the possible intimidation factor,” Giuliani said. “But it is a very long walk. There are prisoners there. I imagine they have to have some other way of doing this for President Trump today. It would be just a travesty if they did that.”

But they did.

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