The End Of Twitter? Musk Limits Daily Tweet Views

In what is potentially one of the oddest decisions yet by Elon Musk following his acquisition of Twitter, it appears that the tech giant is limiting how many posts can be read by users on the social media platform.

The changes, announced today in a tweet, indicate that unverified users of the platform will be limited to viewing 600 posts a day, while new unverified accounts will be limited to 300 post views a day. Verified users (read: those paying for a blue check), will be eligible to read up to 6,000 posts a day.

The bizarre change is said to “address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation.” The ban is said to be “temporary” in nature, however it is unclear just how long it will be in place for.

It is also unclear if viewing comments on tweets are classified as individual tweet reads, or how exactly the metric works.

Those who exceed such limits as a result will receive a message stating “rate limit exceeded,” with glitches in the system already being reported.

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