This 23andMe Referral Scam May Just Be The Best One of 2023

An X user might have just come up with the best — if not, the most hilarious — scam of 2023. It involves a call for sperm donors, 23andme, and a lot of excited unvaxxed blue-eyed white men.

The scammer goes by the X handle Stela or @ms_kaffeinated, and she starts by posting that her friend is looking for a sperm donor — with very specific qualifications, and an emphasis on how her friend only wants “natural insemination” and will not do IVF.

Stela has been baiting white supremacists for a while — or at least since August when the account was started. The user’s posts, which are a mix of thirst traps, musings about tall white antisemitic unvaxxed men, what real men should be like, and Tristan Tate retweets, invite the perfect following for the scam.

The tweet naturally got a lot of attention, and many unvaxxed blue-eyed white men wanted more details. So Stela followed up with photos and a description of her friend “Elizabeth.” And of course, she turns out to be beautiful, and the offer just keeps getting better.

The catch? Applicants had to take a DNA test — that they could conveniently get through a 23andMe link from Stela — to prove their ancestry. The link goes to the scammer’s 23andMe referral program account, and each test bought through it earned her $20.

She even shares a video of the applicants. There were a lot.

And just two days later, she was kind enough to share updates about “The Bull” or the winning “applicant.”

The “applicants” were either too embarrassed to raise outrage over the scam or are still blissfully thinking they just didn’t get the rose at the racist Bachelorette. The photos used for “Elizabeth” have since been taken down and users have also added Context to the post featuring her and The Bull.

As for Stela, she’s already started her next project.

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