Tinley Beverage Announces Cannabis-Free Product Line to be Distributed Across 150 BevMo! Locations

Tinley Beverage Co (CSE: TNY) announced this morning that they have made major headwinds into retail sales channels, with a new product line that will be entering over 150 BevMo! stores across California, Arizona, and Washington. The product line, to be sold under the brand name “Beckett’s”, will feature cannabis-free versions of their popular drinks.

Tinley Beverage Company's Logo

The new product line is in relation to very favorable reviews for Tinley’s alcohol-inspired cannabis-infused beverages. With the flavor profile being so appealing and similar to alcohol based variants, there was a strong demand for a cannabis and alcohol free version of the product for consumers whom are electing to stay sober. With current national trends of consumers stepping away from alcohol-based drinks, retailers were in search of a product that were adult-oriented, yet contained no intoxicating effects.

BevMo!, a West Coast based retailer, currently has over 150 stores spread across three states. The adult beverage focused retailer is privately held, and estimated to pull in annual revenues of over $500 million across the three states in which it operates. It is expected that Tinley’s Beckett’s line of product, which contains the same labeling as its cannabis-infused counterpart, will be sold in all locations that the firm currently operates.

Restaurants and bars across the country – particularly in Los Angeles – are aggressively expanding their non-alcoholic, adult beverage options. BevMo is playing a leading role in capturing this demand for the at-home market.

Rick Gillis, President of Tinley, Western USA

Concurrent with the announcement this morning, Tinley also announced that its cannabis-infused beverages are now in over 50 retailers across California, spanning the entire state. With increasing demand, the company will be producing over US$1 million worth of product in the fourth quarter to be sold across its cannabis-infused, and cannabis-free product lines – a major increase from the last reported sales figures for the firm. Furthermore, Tinley will now be aggressively pursuing retail space in all 50 states for its cannabis-free products.

Lastly, Tinley Beverage also announced that two new products are set to hit store shelves shortly. The first, to be known as “Juniper Sky”, is inspired by the Paloma “Flying Dove,” and will be sold under the Gin & Tonics product line. The second is a coffee liquer-inspired beverage to be sold under the Tinley ’27 collection as “Coffee Cask”.

Tinley’s new line of Beckett’s cannabis-free products is expected to ship to BevMo! locations prior to the December holiday season. The expansion markets Tinley’s move into the $550 billion mainstream beverage market across the USA.

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