Verses Tech Successfully Demonstrates Autonomous Drone Crowd Monitoring Tech

Verses Technologies (NEO: VERS) is stepping out of the supply chain vertical and into the urban air mobility vertical. The company has reportedly concluded a test in Spain that saw its tech used for autonomous drones in what is being referred to as a first-of-its-kind program.

The tech was used as part of a program called Flying Forward 2020, which is a project funded by the European Commission focused on developing urban air mobility infrastructure. The testing was conducting in Zaragoza, Spain, in collaboration with the local city council as well as first responder terms.

The test saw the firms AI operating platform COSM used in conjunction with the tests, with the firm launching multiple autonomous drones during the festival of La Virgen del Pilar. The drones enables real-time aerial views of the festival, providing security for the event by monitoring the hundreds of thousands of participants, with authorities remotely monitoring the festival via the technology.

“This autonomous drone work is another example of our COSM operating system in action. From the spatial mapping of an entire city to the creation of flight plans and the governance of drones via geospatial contracts in real time – this is all possible because of the adaptive intelligence capabilities that are unique to our COSM platform,” said Verses CEO Gabriel Rene.

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The implementation of the tech is said to have reduced the need for extra monitoring teams on the ground as well as in the air, with the teach monitoring traffic flows, conducting safety and security assessments, and proactively identifying unusual or atypical occurrences. At the same time, the use of the AI tech ensured that local laws, air traffic regulations, and data management policies were followed during the course of the drones being used.

Verses’ successful test marked the first such real-world demonstration of the European Commissions goals for AI powered drones within the EU. The company expects to continue to work with autonomous drone flights as part of Flying Forward 2020 following the successful tests.

Verses Tech last traded at $0.64 on the Neo.

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