70-Year-Old Elizabeth May: “Baby Boomers Have F*cked This Planet”

In a strikingly candid statement, Elizabeth May, Saanich-Gulf Islands MP and leader of the federal Green Party, has voiced a powerful critique of her generation’s environmental legacy. During a press conference, May emphatically stated, “Baby boomers have f—ked this planet and we can’t walk away and leave it for our kids to fix it.”

This declaration came on the heels of an announcement by her Green Party co-leader, Jonathan Pedneault, who resigned citing personal reasons. Pedneault, who had partnered with May in the party’s leadership vote in November 2022, expressed that his resignation had been in the works for several weeks but provided no further details.

Despite the resignation, May reaffirmed her unwavering commitment to leading the Green Party and her political duties.

“I would be much, much happier if I was doing this with Jonathan, because that was our plan all along,” she remarked. “I wouldn’t have run for leadership if we hadn’t met, so yeah it’s both heartbroken, but what do you do? The stakes are really big here and I’ve got another grandbaby coming in October and I feel very, very committed as I think everybody my age should.”

May, aged 70 and a baby boomer herself, later apologized for her language but stood by her message, emphasizing the need for immediate action in the federal election scheduled by October 2025. Her passionate outburst underscores her long-standing dedication to environmental causes and her belief in the urgency of addressing climate issues.

Addressing concerns about her health following a stroke just over a year ago, May assured the public of her robust recovery. “I’m in remarkably good health,” she said, adding that she works “longer hours than most people half my age.”

“I’m a 70-year-old angry, cranky version of Greta Thunberg, and am I ready? You bet,” she declared.

May has served as the Saanich-Gulf Islands MP since 2011 and previously led the federal Green Party from 2006 to 2019. Her tenure has been marked by consistent advocacy for environmental sustainability and climate action. May’s return to solo leadership places her at the forefront of the Green Party’s efforts as Canada approaches its next federal election.

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