75% of Americans Don’t Think Crypto Is Safe or Reliable, But 69% of Crypto Investors Have Kept Their Holdings

While a vast majority of people who’ve heard of crypto “are not confident” in its safety and reliability, it seems it will take more than high-profile crypto exchange implosions, bank runs, and bankruptcies for a majority of cryptocurrency investors to sell off, Pew Research Center found in a new study.

The new study, conducted from March 13 to 19, found that 88% of Americans now say that they have heard at least a little about crypto. Among this group, 39% do not feel confident at all, while a slightly smaller percentage, 36%, say they are not very confident that the space is reliable and safe. 

Interestingly, a significant portion of the respondents still feels confident about crypto — 8% are somewhat confident, 4% are very confident, and 2% are extremely confident. (The latter 6% are all the guys still with laser eyes on Twitter.)

The study also found that, not surprisingly, crypto investors are predominantly men 18 to 49 years old, middle- to upper-income earners. The racial divide leans more toward Asian Americans at 24%, with Black and Hispanic Americans both at 21%, and White Americans at 14%.

Of the 17% of Americans who’ve invested in or traded using crypto, 31% have given up on the space and sold off, with those in lower-income households twice as likely to have given up (43%), than those in upper-income households (21%).

But as mentioned earlier, a great majority of investors at 69% remained steadfast through the crypto winter and have held on to their crypto investments. 60% said that their crypto investments did not impact their personal finances — neither helping nor hurting them — while 20% said that crypto helped, and 19% said that crypto hurt their finances.

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