Metropolitan Police Refuses to Investigate Prince Andrew After Unsealed Documents Allege Sexual Assault While In London

London’s Metropolitan Police has been alerted to allegations against Prince Andrew by the anti-monarchy group Republic, following accusations in court documents released by US courts on Wednesday. The documents, part of a trove naming associates of Jeffrey Epstein, claim that Prince Andrew participated in a sexual assault of a minor, believed to be Virginia Roberts Giuffre, while in London. 

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Republic took to Instagram, stating, “The document is clear that while in London, an individual was forced to have sexual relations with Andrew when she was a minor.”

The Met responded on Friday, asserting that no investigation has been launched into Prince Andrew despite his name appearing over 70 times in the unsealed documents. 

“We are aware of the release of court documents in relation to Jeffrey Epstein. As with any matter, should new and relevant information be brought to our attention we will assess it. No investigation has been launched,” they wrote in a statement.

This latest allegation is based on a 2014 document in which Jane Doe No. 3, believed to be Giuffre, alleges that she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell at the age of 15 in 1999. The document claims that Maxwell facilitated Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse acts, forcing Jane Doe No. 3 to have sexual relations with the British Royal Family member in London, New York, and on Epstein’s private island.

Prince Andrew has consistently denied all accusations of wrongdoing and settled a civil claim by Giuffre in 2022 for a reported $14 million. 

Despite the Met concluding its investigation in 2021, Republic’s CEO, Graham Smith, has called for a re-opening of the case, urging MPs to debate the matter in Parliament and calling on King Charles to make a public statement addressing the allegations and their implications for the monarchy.

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