Alex Jones Loses Control of Infowars as Court Orders Liquidation of Personal Assets

A Texas judge has dismissed the proposed liquidation of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ company Free Speech Systems, the parent company of Infowars. Judge Chris Lopez ruled that denying the bankruptcy plan was in the best interest of the creditors, including the families of Sandy Hook victims who have won approximately $1.5 billion in damages against Jones for his lies about the 2012 school massacre.

In a separate ruling, Judge Lopez approved the liquidation of Jones’ personal assets. The decision leaves many questions unanswered, such as the future of Infowars and the legal avenues available for the victims’ families to collect the substantial sum Jones owes them.

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While the court-appointed trustee in Jones’ personal case could potentially sell Infowars to pay some of the damages, bankruptcy law professor Jay Westbrook told CNN that without Jones’ active promotion, the company may have little value beyond its inventory.

Jones, who had opposed liquidating Infowars, ranted on his show about its potential shutdown and urged his audience to support him by purchasing his products. Despite the ruling, Jones maintains that he will try to maximize Infowars’ revenue to facilitate a wind-down process.

The judge’s decision does not prevent Jones from continuing to spread conspiracy theories and lies online, as his social media accounts, including on X, have been restored. However, the Sandy Hook families aim to seize these accounts, arguing that they are crucial to Jones’ Infowars business and brand promotion.

The conspiracy theorist’s personal assets, except for certain exempt properties like his $2 million house in Austin, will be immediately controlled by the interim trustee. It’s not clear if his new Cybertruck will be part of the assets to be liquidated.

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