Another Crypto Millionaire Has Been Killed, Dismembered

The dismembered body of Christian Peev, a 41-year-old cryptocurrency millionaire holding both US and Bulgarian citizenship, has been discovered in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Plumbers, responding to a call about a blocked drain, found Peev’s remains stuffed inside a toilet. Peev, who had amassed his fortune through cryptocurrency investments after graduating from an American university, was reportedly killed between August 8 and August 9.

Authorities have identified Vesco Valchinov, whom Peev had known for around six years, as the alleged perpetrator. Disturbing details of the murder have emerged, with local media reporting that Valchinov used a dumbbell to kill Peev before dismembering the body in a bathroom and flushing certain body parts down the toilet.

The investigation took a turn after Peev’s brother reported him missing on August 10 and authorities discovered that Peev had been in contact with Valchinov on the day of his disappearance. Surveillance footage placed both men entering Valchinov’s apartment building on August 8, with Valchinov leaving alone the following day. 

Konstantin Subotinov, another individual, was apprehended for aiding Valchinov in hiding additional body parts in the Vitosha district of Sofia.

Reports indicate that Peev had assisted Valchinov with crypto investments, suggesting a possible financial motive for the murder. 

This case draws parallels to the recent death of another cryptocurrency figure, Fernando Pérez Algaba, who was found dismembered in a red suitcase in Buenos Aires. Algaba’s extravagant lifestyle, fueled by crypto investments showcased on his Instagram, ended in a brutal murder involving gunshot wounds and severed body parts.

These incidents have heightened speculation about possible sinister connections among the deaths of prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry. 

In 2022, three other crypto businessmen — Nikolai Mushegian, Tiantian Kullander, and Vyacheslav Taran  — all died in mysterious circumstances within a month. Read more about those deaths here.

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