Arctic Star Sees Chuck Fipke Refer To Arbutus Samples As “Some Of The Best Chemistries He Has Seen”

Arctic Star Exploration (TSXV: ADD) this morning released an analysis conducted on material collected from the Arbutus kimberlite at their Diagras Project, found in the the Northwest Territories. The analysis, conducted by C.F. Mineral Research, has indicated that the kimberlite contains “excellent diamond indicator material.”

The analysis itself was conducted by Chuck Fipke, the man credited with establishing the Canadian diamond industry following the discovery of diamonds in the Northwest Territories in the 1990’s. In total, he analyzed 3.0 kilograms of kimberlite collected at Arbutus via three samples.

After studying the samples, the material is said to consist of abundant indicators in a relatively small sample, and commented that sample DG-2022-09A, “Di* indicator results are the best C.F. Mineral have ever encountered.

Pat Power, Chief Executive Officer of Arctic Star, summarized that analysis conducted by Fipke as follows:

Indicator mineraIs are an important adjunct, when first encounting a new kimberlite discovery. Dr. Fipke’s results and interpretation are telling us that:

  1. a)That the kimberlite is multi-phase, with one of the phases having superior chemistry to the others  
  2. b)The chemistry is some of the best Dr. Fipke has seen when compared to his global database of diamond inclusions, the results here have a higher percentage and are more abundant by weight of samples that he has encountered previously. 
  3. c)The chemistry is also permissive for large diamonds.

The results analyzed were compared against a database of over 11,000 diamond inclusion indicators from sources of diamonds found around the globe. Among them, sample DG-2022-09A stood out, with Fipke also commenting that they would expect the kimberlite phase of the sample “to be loaded with diamonds and additionally contain some very large diamonds.

The full report as released by Arctic Star can be found here.

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