Are You Ready For Robot-Made Burgers?

It’s finally happening. Robot-made burgers are now a thing.

The RoboBurger launched its first vending machine at the Newport Mall in Jersey City in late March. It’s the world’s first fully autonomous burger robot, and it will make your burger in 6 minutes (at least according to their site), and for only $6.99.

It replicates the 5-step cooking process of many traditional, people-run restaurants. First, the robot chef dispenses the patty (which is 100% Angus beef) onto the griddle and grills both sides, then it toasts the buns, and then it dispenses the condiments (you get to choose which ones), the robot assembles the burger, and finally delivers it to you. It boasts of the fastest grill-to-hand experience, with the consumer receiving the burger a mere 30 seconds after the patty is grilled.

What’s amazing about the RoboBurger is its size and portability. The entire unit is about 12-square feet and only needs to be plugged into a power outlet to operate. The robot, which is the first of its kind, consists of a refrigeration system to keep ingredients fresh, a griddle, and a dishwasher that allows the unit to self-clean.

The company behind this new fast-food format was founded by Audley Wilson, Dan Braido, and Andy Seigel in 2019. Audley Wilson, the company’s CEO and inventor of the RoboBurger, has been working on prototypes for the past 16 years. He met CTO Dan Braido while attending Carnegie Mellon. They then worked with local restauranteur and CMO Andy Siegel to build the company and launch its first “store.” 

Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, the company aims to keep production local so it can grow tech jobs in the local community.

Is this compact, fully autonomous format the future of fast food? It sure sounds promising. 

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