Around 1 Million Reportedly Left Russia After Mobilization

Nearly 1 million individuals have left Russia since President Vladimir Putin’s partial military mobilization began, an interlocutor acquainted with Kremlin estimates told Forbes.

Another source in the Russian Federation administration puts this estimate at a lower range between 600,000 and 700,000 Russians. Although, there was an emphasis that it is impossible to estimate how many persons left the nation for tourist purposes.

Even before the announcement of partial mobilization, state statistics arm Rosstat revealed that 419,000 people had already left Russia since the beginning of the year, which was twice as many as in the same period in the previous year. The migrant outflow was 96,000, compared to a 114,000 increase in 2021.

Earlier, numerous media outlets reported that 194,000 Russians had departed a week after the mobilization notification for Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Finland; 98,000 of them went to Astana. According to Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, 53,000 Russians arrived in the nation in a week, and 10,000 individuals cross the border per day, which is 40-45% more than before September 21.

According to the EU border agency Frontex, 66,000 Russians entered the region over the same week, a 30% increase from the previous week. The bulk entered through Finnish and Estonian borders, with the number of people entering Finland increasing dramatically after the mobilization notice.

The exit from the host country has been massive despite Russia reportedly preventing eligible men for draft from leaving. For eligible men to leave the country, they must secure a certification from the Ministry of Defense according to reports–the same restriction had also been in place when the government ordered airlines to stop selling flights out of Moscow to men ages 18-65.

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