Russian Men Reportedly Now Forbidden To Leave Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s partial military mobilization can’t seem to mobilize the human resources it needs.

The Russian government has started banning men of mobilization age from leaving the country in its latest attempt to conscript draftees for the strongman’s latest military move.

For eligible men to leave the country, the military commissar of the Rostov region said that they must secure a certification from the Ministry of Defense. The same restriction has been in place when the government ordered airlines to stop selling flights out of Moscow to men ages 18-65.

This comes after reports say that around 261,000 men have fled the country for neighboring countries to avoid the mobilization.

This is the latest move by Moscow to coerce sign ups for the mobilization, with an aim to augment the Russian forces in Ukraine. The government has also been reportedly forcing detainees that are caught during mass demonstrations against the mobilization dictum to sign up, as well as all of its Energy Ministry employees.

There are also reports that some areas are recruiting men from the universities, with some being taken straight from their classes.

Critics have been noting that the partial mobilization hints at Putin’s losing edge in his “special military operation” in Ukraine. Even if Russia would be able to shore up draftees, the training would take time for the signees to be combat-ready.

However, this might be a line the country is willing to cross.

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  • September 28, 2022 4:15 PM at 4:15 pm

    Why would ANY intelligent person want to even live in a hell-o place like russia and with a murderous, corrupt dictator……
    Oh….I answered my own question….the key word is…..intelligent….



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