Beijing’s Controversial National Security Law Met With Protests in Hong Kong

Recently, the Chinese government has decided to impose a controversial new national security law in Hong Kong, which will prohibit secession, subversion, and sedition of Beijing’s central government. Thus far, Hong Kong’s streets had been relatively calm and riot-free, given that the city imposed a strict ban on gatherings as a means of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

However, that is no more. As a response to the controversial law, thousands of protesters have defied the gathering ban, and once again are rioting in the streets as protest.

Prior to the pandemic, Hong Kong was the subject of strong pro-democracy protests, which of course the US government welcomed with loving arms, but the coronavirus quickly put an end to all that, as strict social distancing measures were enacted as well as a ban on public gatherings. But now it appears that Hong Kong has reverted to its pre-pandemic demonstrations, and took their discontent with the national security law to the street. They were of course met with strong opposition, consisting of water cannons, riot police, and tear gas. Over 120 arrests were made as a result,

Source: Reuters

Thus far, the controversial securities law has been met with condemnation from several prominent countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, the EU, Taiwan, and of course the United States – which by now must be gleaming like Ralphie Parker on Christmas morning once it heard word of Hong Kong demonstrations.

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