UPDATED: SBF Finally Agrees to US Extradition

Crypto fraudster and former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried can’t bare to sleep another night in a Bahamian corrections facility, and agreed to be extradited to the US where he can self-loathe in the “luxury” of America’s prison system.

Update: It has been quite the turbulent day in the Bahamas. Initially, it was widely expected that SBF would waive his right to an extradition hearing and make his way to face charges of fraud and money laundering on US soil. However, in a surprise turn of events, the former FTX CEO didn’t end up waiving that right on Monday, and instead showed up to court (likely to get a break from his five cellmates and a bed infested with insects) to the awe of his Bahamian attorney, and requested to see the indictment against him before he agrees to extradition.

Now, as per the Wall Street Journal, the fraudster has reportedly agreed to be extradited to the US, with his legal team hashing out travel details following Monday’s court proceedings. SBF’s lawyers are planning to schedule a new court hearing as early as Tuesday.

Could the charges laid out in SBF’s federal indictment be far worse than the grave conditions of a Bahamian prison? Perhaps so, because as first reported by Reuters, it appears the former FTX CEO didn’t waive his right to an extradition hearing because he first wants to see the contents of the US indictment against him.

As was widely expected, SBF’s lawyer was prepared to waive the extradition hearing for the crypto fraudster, but was shocked on Monday morning when he demanded to see a copy of the indictment before agreeing to surrender into US custody. According to CNBC, the courtroom was in a state of chaos when a visibly-shaken SBF unexpectedly entered the courtroom dressed in a blue suit and white shirt. “I did not request him to be here this morning,” said his Bahamian attorney Franklyn Williams KC to NBC News.

30 year-old SBF, who was arrested by Bahamian authorities last week and denied bail, was extracted from his multi-million dollar penthouse into Nassau’s Fox Hill Prison to share a cell lacking sanitation with at least five other criminals. The prison is widely criticized by the international community for its lack of cleanliness and overcrowding, with former inmate Sean Hall describing the facility as “no living situation for no type of living being.” According to Hall, he was held in a cell no wider than the span of his arms, and slept on a metal bunk bed beset with insects.

SBF’s team, including his family, pleaded with Bahamian authorities to make accommodations for his strict vegan diet, and drew concerns over his lack of access to prescription medications, which include adderall and anti-depression pills. They even sent meals to the prison matching his dietary requirements, but it remains unknown whether SBF received them. Once seeking the Bahamas for its ultra-luxurious amenities and the perfect place to play video games whilst FTX investors search for their life savings, SBF can’t bare to stay in the country one minute longer.

On Monday, SBF was escorted to the magistrate’s court where he is expected to drop his fight against extradition to New York. Following the unsealing of a Manhattan indictment revealing charges money laundering and fraud, SBF was labeled a flight risk and denied bail in the Bahamas. The former billionaire also faces civil charges from the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and if convicted, could face over 100 years behind bars.

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