BRIEFING: Tinley Ships First Batches of Liquor ‘Inspired’ Cannabis Beverages For Those Looking to Make ‘Mocktails’

Today Tinley Beverage Company announced they shipped their first batches of the Company’s liquor-inspired Tinley™ ’27 cannabis beverages.  They also announced this is approximately one month ahead of schedule, reflecting the capabilities of the Company’s recently-commissioned Phase 2 facility. 

These new products were crafted by formulators who in the past have created national liquor brands. In the company press release, the company stated these products contain authentic extracts, flavors and spices that are commonly found in such products.  The products contain just 10 calories and 1-2 grams of natural cane sugar per serving – roughly 1/10th of leading adult beverages – and are vegan as well as gluten-free.

“We’re delighted to have completed the inaugural production of these two new products so soon after shipping our ready to drink products.  Our team continues to apply skills honed at the USA’s leading brewers, distillers and beverage alcohol distributors to create true CPG-quality cannabis beverages.  We now intend to similarly apply best-of-breed marketing and visibility programs throughout the summer in Los Angeles, San Francisco and in key California markets.”

Ted Zittell, Director of Tinley
Ted Zittell

The company describes the “Cinnamon Cask” as inspired by cinnamon whiskey, based on what has become the most popular shot drink in the USA.  It is also commonly mixed into cocktails with ginger brew, black tea and lemonade. 

They describe the Italian Amaretto-inspired “Almond Cask” as commonly used to mix with coffee, sodas, fruit juices, as well as in popular cocktails including the Alabama Slammer and Amaretto Sour, which can now be consumed as cannabis-infused mocktails without alcohol and on desserts including tiramisu.

Tinley also stated the additional batches scheduled for completion in May are nearing a point where the line will have more time available for co-packing clients. They are also working on consummating longstanding discussions with other prospective brands to offer co-packing services.

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