Champignon Brands Appoints Dr Joseph Gabriele To Special Advisory Committee

Champignon Brands (CSE: SHRM) this morning announced that it is bolstering its special advisory committee through the appointment of Dr Joseph Gabriele, a molecular pharmacologist specializing in signal transduction within the central nervous system.

Gabriele is expected to be responsible for championing Champignon’s development and commercialization of rapid onset treatments which are capable of improving health outcomes. The special advisory committee as a whole is expected to evaluate potential positive effects that its medicinal mushroom formulations may have on individuals suffering from depression or post traumatic stress disorder, as well as substance and alcohol use disorders.

Gabriele himself is specialized in molecular pharmacology, transdermal delivery, and formulation chemistry with pharmaceutical, natural molecules. Most recently he lead Delivra, which was later acquired by Harvest One Cannabis (TSXV: HVT), where he developed a transdermal delivery platform that can be tailored to deliver drugs via the skin to the skin derma, circulatory system, or muscles.

Dr. Gabriele’s established research credentials, entrepreneurial nature and relentless pursuit of medical innovation represents the desired skill sets that Champignon needs as we accelerate our accession into the psychedelic medicine arena. The appointment of Dr. Gabriele equips us with both a celebrated medical researcher, as well as a seasoned CPG formulation specialist, which will allow for the continued development of our mushroom-infused health products, novel delivery systems and eventual drug discovery initiatives.

Gareth Birdsall, CEO of Champignon Brands

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