China Reacts to West’s Sanctions on Russia

The Chinese government is opposing sanctions introduced by the West and the EU against Russia, suggesting that they will not solve the inherent problems caused by the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but rather create new ones.

On Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced its opposition to unilateral sanctions recently imposed by the US, Canada, and the EU, as they will not solve the root cause of Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine last week. Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said during a news briefing that the sanctions will only create new problems, and hinder any progress in reaching a ceasefire between the two neighbouring countries. “China does not support the use of sanctions to solve the problem and is even more opposed to unilateral sanctions that have no basis in international law.”

Over the weekend, Western governments imposed additional sanctions on Russia, including cutting it off from the SWIFT messaging system, impose restrictions aimed at preventing the Russian Central Bank from using its international reserves, and ban Russians from obtaining US citizenship. The Biden administration also warned that any countries helping Russia and failing to abide by the sanctions will also be subject to repercussions, citing China’s close relationship with the Kremlin.

If China “or any other country wants to engage in activity that would be subject to our sanctions, they’ll be subject to our sanctions,” warned a state department official, as cited by the Wall Street Journal. China, for its part, has been urging all sides to come to a negotiated solution regarding the Ukraine conflict, while expressing annoyance with US President Joe Biden’s suggestion that Beijing will be “stained by association” for not taking a stance against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The truly discredited countries are those that want only interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and wage wars in the name of democracy and human rights,” said Wang, in response to Washington’s earlier comments.

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