Chinese Interference: RCMP Probe Death of a Chinese Dissident in BC

The chilling death of Wei Hu, a 57-year-old BC resident, has now caught the attention of the RCMP. The question lingering is whether his alleged suicide was spurred by China’s Operation Fox Hunt— a campaign launched by President Xi Jinping ostensibly targeting corruption but often used to silence Beijing’s critics abroad.

Hu resided in a luxurious $2.8-million property by Harrison Lake, and he had been a critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), emigrating from China in 2000. However, escaping to Canada didn’t seem to distance him from the CCP’s reach; via Interpol, Beijing had issued a Red Notice, seeking his arrest for alleged financial crimes. His death in July 2021, initially believed to be a suicide, is now under a national security lens after revelations that Hu had shared concerns about CCP harassment. The ongoing RCMP probe aims to determine if Bejing played any role in his death.

Operation Fox Hunt, which has caught the attention of Ottawa previously, supposedly doesn’t just target corruption, but also tries to muzzle dissidents. Moreover, it’s been reported that the Chinese agents involved in this operation have even counseled suicide to their targets. One chilling message sent to a US target reportedly read that they should either “return to China promptly or commit suicide.”

Spanish human rights group, Safeguard Defenders, estimates that around 10,000 people have been forcibly returned to China under this program. The fate of these returnees remains largely enshrouded in mystery.

Hu’s case intensifies the larger issue of foreign interference in Canadian affairs, particularly from China. The CCP’s pressure tactics include threats, intimidation, and even alleged physical abductions to force individuals back to China. Some reports suggest that China might have set up covert “police stations” in Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto to facilitate their operations.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself has also allegedly been a target of the CCP, after surmounting allegations suggest Liberal MPs were subject to election meddling and foreign interference favoring a Liberal minority government during the 2019 and 2021 federal elections.

Wei Hu’s life in Canada had its own complexities. His widow mentions his undisclosed medical issues and describes him as being “totally isolated.” But a close friend cited by Global News suggests a different narrative: that Hu was being coerced by the Chinese government. Allegedly, Beijing accused Hu of being part of a group involved in financial fraud— an allegation the friend says is merely an excuse. This friend believes Hu could have had information about high-level corruption, making him a target. Disturbingly, Hu had shared stories of CCP pressure on his family back in China and even indicated that any unexpected incident involving him should not be considered an accident.

Hu was not the sole Canadian resident to be pursued by Red Notices. Qingwei Wang, another individual with links to Hu, was also targeted. Wang had been previously accused of financial crimes by the CCP. In an unexpected move, he returned to China in 2018, surrendered, and was later allowed to go back to Canada— a journey shrouded in ambiguity.

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