CloudMD Scales Telemedicine App To Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

CloudMD Software & Services (CSE: DOC), formerly Premier Health Group, announced this morning that they are taking efforts to assist governments with combating the novel coronavirus. The company has reached out to multiple levels of government within Canada to determine how its telemedicine platform can be used best to limit exposure to the coronavirus.

CloudMD’s app allows a physician’s practice to extend into virtual visits for their patients who may not need face to face interactions. Patients are able to do this without sacrificing the background medical knowledge that exists in their clinic records and with the assurance that they are getting a full range of services using CloudMD. In addition, with CloudMD there’s less time off work and fewer waits in crowded waiting rooms.

Dr. David Ostrow, current Chief Medical Officer of CloudMD and former CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

The firms flagship app, known as CloudMD, launched within the province of British Columbia three weeks ago. It provides a means for people within the province to access a healthcare professional, at no cost, enabling the patient to receive quality healthcare from the comfort of their home or office. Such visits will enable patients to limit exposure to others that often occurs while sitting in waiting rooms at a physicians office.

Telemedicine applications as a result are expected to ease demand on the healthcare network while limiting exposure to additional diseases and viruses. The coronavirus (COD-19) is a respiratory illness that originated in China, and has now spread to thirty other countires, including Canada, the US, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. The disease is currently believed to be spread via respiratory droplets that occur when a carrier coughs or sneezes.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) has not officially declared it as a pandemic, containment efforts are being put in place globally to limit the spread of the dangerous virus. Containment and mitigation efforts include limiting exposure to public places, as well as working from home and intermittent school closures, as well as frequent hand washing.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) this week also encouraged the use of telemedicine services as a means of limiting exposure as well as the spread of the virus.

We are prepared to rapidly scale our resources as needed to meet the currently rising demand for telemedicine services. Our services can make an impact by providing triaging, support, information and medical advice for a worried public. Unnecessarily heading to a doctor’s office or emergency room not only increases demand on already stretched resources, but also increases a patient’s chances of exposure or spreading of virus. We will be looking to work with government agencies and health organizations to help support their patient populations.

Dr. Essam Hamza, CEO of CloudMD

CloudMD is currently in the process of scaling its operation to better assist governments in combating the virus and has reached out to determine how their services can best provide support.

CloudMD last traded at $0.56 on the CSE.

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