Datametrex AI Lands Four New Shows For Its COVID Testing Service Until Mid-2022

Datametrex AI Limited (TSXV: DM) announced today that it has signed four additional service agreements to provide COVID-19 testing for production shoots. The company relayed that the contracts extend up to mid-2022.

Datametrex AI's Logo

The four contracts the company bagged include an episodic television series on a main US broadcasting network and three new shows for a streaming platform.

The tech company has included COVID-19 testing in its services as its contribution to the global fight against the pandemic, mainly providing testing kits for film and television productions in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

The COVID-19 testing market is an important business sector for Datametrex and we look to continue supporting the film industry with kits.

Datametrex CEO Marshall Gunter

The pandemic concern within the entertainment industry has shifted to the SARS-CoV-2’s hyper-contagious Delta variant identified first in India in October 2020.

“With the Delta variant of the virus being the “the fastest and fittest,” according to the World Health Organization, it is the right time to step up testing to keep everyone healthy and working,” said Datametrex CEO Marshall Gunter in a statement.

The firm posted $19.0 million in revenues in Q1 2021, with $18.6 million of it earned from providing COVID testing services.

Datametrex AI last traded at $0.195 on the TSX Venture.

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